Place (first draft) at The Brink in Missoula

My latest work, Place (first draft), is now on view at The Brink Gallery in my hometown, Missoula, Montana. This piece was my first foray into textile work and I look forward to continuing my exploration of this medium. Place (first draft) is made of 80 yards of hand-stitched muslin.

Thank you to my mom and sister, Jodie & Hannah McNamara for their assistance and expertise in helping me to execute this work. Thank you to Jennifer and The Brink for inviting me to work in your beautiful space. Thank you as well to those of you who were able to make it to the opening reception.

Photos of the finished piece are now posted on my website.

Place (first draft) (detail)

Artist Statement

This piece is about a place. A place composed of forms, slowly sculpted by time or something bigger than time. All along these forms were sculpting me. Land rising and then sloping, sheltering and then exposing – this place is my home.

Like the forming of the land, I add layers. One at a time. I stitch the many parts until together they make a whole. The fabric is muslin, a garment maker’s drafting fabric. I allow myself to play and to practice, to get to know this textile. The form is born from both the will of the fabric and the work of my hands. There is no agenda. This is a conversation and it meanders across the form. A pattern emerges, swelling and rippling upon itself.

To fabricate something is to tell a story. It is also to make or to assemble something. I am doing both. This piece tells the story of it’s assemblage, the story of my hands at work. Implicit in each stitch is also the story of fabric – a human story, and furthermore a woman’s story. It also tells my story – the story of the land that raised me, the story of these forms that I continue to trace and retrace.