Ritual, 660' at The Portland Building Installation Space

My latest work, Ritual, 660', is now on view at the Portland Building Installation Space. The piece is made of 660 cotton strings coated in beeswax and pigment. The strings are hung from an aluminum frame. The Installation Space is a program of the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Ritual, 660' is on view through September 5th. The Portland Building is open Monday through Friday, 7 am - 6 pm. 

Thank you to Keith Lachowicz of RACC and my amazing helpers Mad Roche, Sunny Faris, Nash Jones, Hannon Welch, and Jess Mons.  

More photos to come.

Artist Statement

The patterns of the working world are carefully constructed. We follow the familiar pathways of prescribed norms – nine to five, Monday through Friday, one hour for lunch. The masses move together along this framework. I am examining this strict human-made structure to reveal the organic forms which underlie it.

Each string represents one minute of a day at the Portland Building. From 7:00 am to 6:00 pm on June 19, 2014, I observed the ritual comings and goings through the building’s entrance. The 660 strings are waxed to indicate the size of the flow both in and out of the doors – those entering indicated above the knot, and those exiting indicated below.

Activity ebbs and flows within the established workday. Bodies move in swarms or in solitude along currents. The shapes of these movements oppose the rigid structure of the work week. Paths build upon one another as each person moves in, out, and through the building. Individuals gradually flow from here to there and the populace of the building swells and shrinks like changing tides. In this piece, the colored form within the strings exposes the shape that this ritualistic migration takes.

The creation of this piece became a ritual all it’s own. The careful measuring, knotting, waxing and drying of each string is a ceremonious process. Each individual minute on June 29th grew into many more minutes as I labored over the strings and this piece took shape. As I move through this artistic ceremony I am reminded of my thirst for ritual, and I come closer to understanding why we are drawn to it. Ritual brings us together, comforts us, and suggests to us that we are doing things right.

Read more at the Regional Arts and Culture Council's website.