Upcoming shows, working with flowers & projects to follow

New Mexico friends, family & supporters –
Two upcoming shows in New Mexico will feature my recent explorations in evaporative watercolor works. First, I am thrilled to partake in a group exhibition at Etiquette in Santa Fe, opening October 28th. The following week, I will be celebrating the opening of another show at Pacific Exhibits, a window gallery in downtown Albuquerque. Further details to follow!

Sinking (also Rising) no. 3  Photo by Ariel Appel

Sinking (also Rising) no. 3
Photo by Ariel Appel

Introducing... Bagel's Florals
I'm excited to introduce a project that I've been hard at work on, exploring the art of flowers and exchange. My small business, Bagel's Florals, is just getting off the ground with the support of many, including several dedicated subscribers to my local bouquet subscription program. 

In my studio: fall colors, local blooms from Caitlin (Vida Verde)

In my studio: fall colors, local blooms from Caitlin (Vida Verde)

I have loved exploring color, form, texture, and time through the art of flower arranging. I'm excited to deepen my relationship with the materials by starting a backyard garden this fall and winter. I'll be planting many bulbs & seeds in hopes of harvesting my own blooms for my subscribers next spring and summer. 

I will be introducing a small line of merchandise sporting with my beautiful logo (designed by Workmanship Co.) later this month. The proceeds from my merch sales will help to support my garden project and other art projects in the works. If you are far away and would like to support this new venture, buying my merch is a great way to do that!

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Projects to follow: HACK
HACK "...an online artist residency. Artists participate satellitely using an app as medium, archive and place in an exploration of taking up cyberspace." Follow along on Instagram @hackresidency or apply here.